2o24 Results

2024 LBNL Culture Survey:

These are not yet available because the survey has not been launched yet. The survey will be launched to the whole lab in mid-February 2024 and open until March 2024.

Analysis of collected data will be completed by July 2024.

Results will be posted on this page following the lab-wide Stewardship Town Hall late summer/early Fall 2024. Please check back then.

Public_BERKELEY LAB CUCSA_2021 Survey Presentation.pdf

2021 UC Systemwide Employee Engagement/CUCSA Survey:

Every alternate year, beginning in 2012, a sample of approximately 1400 non-represented Berkeley Lab staff are invited to participate in the UC Staff Engagement Survey, created by the Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA). Roughly 20,000 staff across UC are invited to participate in the survey, which is completely confidential, so that any personally identifiable information is not shared with LBNL or UC.  The administrator for this survey is Willis Towers Watson, who provide high-level summaries to each respective UC institution, including the Lab.

Read the IDEA Office’s synthesis and analysis of the 2021 survey results for Berkeley Lab here.

For more information about the survey and to review previous survey overviews, visit the LBNL CUCSA website here.